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Maintaining the highest quality standards 


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Quality assurance

We do systematic inspections and product validation processes to ensure products’ quality before we ever put them in the market. Often we test it ourselves first via our own distribution channels and in collaboration with our closest partners. On a regular basis, we visit our suppliers, warehouses and load ports to audit consistent quality. A final control layer comes from selected independent inspectors surveying the manufacturing, storing, packaging and container stuffing, certifying that quality & quantities are in order.

Expert logistics

We are specialists in logistics with 20 years of experience actively seeking custom solutions to ensure the most efficient & competitive delivery. We put extra care in the quality of the labeling and packaging, the carrier and the routes while maintaining attentive customer service throughout the delivery process.

Technology serving the environment

We select and partner with recognized manufacturers maintaining the highest standards in quality, R&D and environmentally responsible practices. In a world with limited and depleting water resources, we strive to promote and implement the best products and solutions to minimize the over application of nutrients and the resulting waste which is negatively affecting ecosystems globally.

Distribution focus

Our regional offices have a deep knowledge of the markets they serve. Our multicultural teams are composed of members native to the regions where we conduct business with close reach to every level of the commercial chain. We put significant weight in using our local expertise to identify the fertilization requirements, the distribution challenges, and the logistics opportunities to deliver value to our customer and suppliers.