WeGrow AG is born with solid foundation for a greater and specialized focus

WeGrow AG is a spin-off of the Specialties Division at KEYTRADE AG, a leading global fertilizer trading company.

The Specialties Division of Keytrade AG was established in 2006 in the company offices in Tampa, FL, initially trading soluble fertilizers into Mexico and Central America.

In the following years this division grew into the rest of Latin America, Western Africa (2009), Spain and Portugal (2010), Eastern Europe (2012) and South & Eastern Africa (2017) through Keytrade AG regional subsidiaries and offices.

In 2018, Keytrade AG Specialties division was regularly supplying over 25 high-grade products in more than 40 countries, under its own brand or in close collaboration with local partners.

Specialty and precision fertilizers are researched, developed, promoted, marketed and handled quite differently from commodity fertilizers. Quality, consistency, reliability, technology and ultimately branding set these two product groups apart in the Agro industry.

Recognizing the different commercial realities, Keytrade AG decided in 2018 to spin off its “Specialty Division” into a separate legal entity, WeGrow AG, with its own expert and dedicated management and logistics teams, Board of Directors, Mission and Vision and growth strategy.

Commercially both companies operate independently from each other but Keytrade AG is WeGrow AG main stockholder and provide solid corporate structure and financial backing. From the beginning, WeGrow AG is compliant and bound by Keytrade AG comprehensive Compliance and Corporate Rules, which are at the highest standard in the Industry.