A fully water-soluble fertilizer, highly efficient source of phosphorus and nitrogen for plants. It’s high purity and water-solubility makes it ideal for fertigation, for foliar application, and suitable for liquid fertilizers.
K2O 52%
S 18%

Ideal for bulk blending with other fertilizers such as Urea, DAP, MAP and Ammonium Nitrate as well as for direct application to the soil.
K2O 50%
S 17%

Ideal as raw materials for the manufacture of compound fertilizers or a direct application fertilizer; its low on chlorine with high concentration of potassium in oxide form.
K20 50%
S 17%

Potassium Nitrate is a free flowing, fine crystalline water-soluble NK fertilizer powder ideal for fertigation, NPK soluble blends and foliar application. It provides non-volatile nitrate nitrogen with low concentration of sulfates or chlorides as well as EC value which reduces the risk of leaf burning during the foliar application.
N 13%
K2O 46%
K 37.6%

Combines the benefits of the Potassium Nitrate with a relevant micronutrient such as magnesium to create a complete fertilizer aiming for crop development and growth.
N 13%
K2O 45%
K 37.5%
MgO 0.5%

A high concentrated water-soluble source of potassium ideal for fertigation and blends. MOP also known as Potassium Chloride is the most widely used potassium fertilizer, which is one of the three primary crop nutrients for plant growth. Not 100% suitable for foliar application as it contains chlorine.
K2O 62%